Included with all our bookings

Flexible Cancellations

Can your campervan booking up to 15 days before and get a full refund, cancel up to 48 hours before and get a voucher to book again.

Competitive Rates

The longer your booking, the cheaper the rate will be. We offer 3 day, 5 days, 7 and 14 day packages.

Low Deposits

We take a 20% deposit to confirm the booking on collection there is a refundable £500 security excess on the van.

RAC Breakdown Cover

24 hours roadside assistance, so you don’t have to worry about breaking down at any point.

Unlimited Miles

You can drive unlimited miles and there’s no extra driver fees. Don't be tricked into signing for extra insurance.

Insurance as Standard

Comprehensive vehicle insurance cover for complete peace of mind.

Legend Camper Van Hire

Hire a campervan or motorhome in Dundee. Legend Campers are one of  the UK's most trusted, and reliable campervan & motorhome rental companies.  A  Legend Camper motorhome is the perfect companion for your next holiday or staycation.

We are legend campervan hire and we specialise in hiring our campervans across Dundee, Tayside and Fife.  Our campervans are equipped with the latest tech and gadgets to get you up and running on your first or 100th Campervan Holiday.

We have campervans that are suitable for the NC500, Isle of Skye Visits or Wherever your heart desires.

You can see the photo on the right this was taken by one of our team on their recent trip to the NC500

Find your Perfect Camper Van

Legend Campers is proud to be the fastest-growing campervan, motorhome and caravan company in the UK. 

Explore some of our featured campervans, motorhomes and caravans available for hire below and 

Book one of our vans by clicking the photos below

Gino D'Acampio

This van is the ideal Van if you're looking to do the NC500, its small enough and compact that it can handle the roads of the west coast. 

Vehicle Details

  • Make: Ford Transit
  • Type: 600K Rent
  • Model: Tribute
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Length: 6m
  • Width: 2,69m
  • Height: 2,27m

Sleeps 4 People

Seat Belts

Integrated Bathroom & Shower


Basic pantry

Gas bottle

Cutlery and plates

Gas Heating



Bike Rack


Bathroom & Shower

Cooking Facilites

Washing Facilities


Leonardo Dicamprio

The Leonardo Di Camprio is one one of our biggest vans we have, it sleeps 6 people.  This van only comes with 2 seatbelts but due to the nature of the side facing seat belts (adults) can travel freely in the back.  This would not be suitable for children however as you cannot use the seatbelts in the back. Which means there is only 1 (Passenger seat belt for kids)

This van does have lots of plus points, great large storage under the rear of the van which is ideal for storing all your belongings.

There is a cooker and fridge, a microwave and integrated toilet and shower.

This van has two double beds (one of which acts as chairs and folds into a bed) and one times fixed large double bed.  This van feels really spacious and has lots of amazing features like a slide out step, light that comes on when you unlock it.

Vehicle Details

  • Make: Mercedes
  • Type: Autotrail
  • Model: Cheyenne SE 625
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Length: 7.5m
  • Width: 2,25m
  • Height: 2.9m
  • Sleeps : 6

Sleeps 6 People

Seat Belts

(Belts not required for adults in back)

Integrated Bathroom & Shower


Basic pantry

Gas bottle

Cutlery and plates

Gas Heating




Shower (internal)



Camperon Diaz

The Camperon Diaz is a great family van, it sleeps 6 comfortably.   Comes with 6 Seatbeats (so ideal if you have kids that require a belt whilst in the back. 

There is a large family table in the middle of the camper which is great for when you're eating dinner.  These seats fold down into a comfortable double bed. There is cooking facilities  and cooking facilities (microwave & cooker). All our vans come with a fridge but this one also features a freezer.

There is a reverse facing camera which makes it really easy for moving the when into parking spaces.

Vehicle Details

  • Make: PEUGEOT
  • Type: BOXER
  • Model: 335 MWB
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Length: 7.1m
  • Width:  2.2m
  • Height:  3m
  • Sleeps : 6

Sleeps 6 People

Seat Belts

(Belts not required for adults in back)

Integrated Bathroom & Shower


Other Features

Basic pantry

Gas bottle

Cutlery and plates

Gas Heating




Reversing camera

Shower (internal)



Frequently asked questions

From our HQ in Dundee Scotland, we hire motorhomes across Scotland.  If you're looking to do the NC500, A short trip to Skype or perhaps thinking about a little trip up to loch lomond then you're in the right place.   Vans must be collected from Dundee, Scotland.

You must provide a total of 2 proofs of address from the following: –

1x primary and 1x secondary, or 2x primary proof of address.

Primary Proof of Address:

• Electricity

• Water

• Gas

• Broadband/Landline

• Council tax

• TV licence

• Bank Statement

• Credit card bill / statement

• Mortgage statement

• Polling card

• HMRC self-assessment / tax credit

Secondary Proof of Address:

• Student loan

• Shotgun licence

• Payslip

• Mobile Phone Bills

• Pension letters

• Car Finance Statement

• Loan Statement

• Property deed

An annual council tax bill will be accepted. All other documents must be dated within

90 days of the hire date. The address & name on your licence must match both documents.

Copy of the photo card drivers’ licence (address & ID must be up to date)

• We carry out an Online licence check.

• Two proof of address from separate sources (listed above)

Additional criteria:

• You must meet the specified age  (Between ages of 21-75) and have at least 2 years

driving experience (Full UK or EU Licence types)

• Two, 3 point convictions are acceptable (i.e. 2x SP30’s, 3pts each) without referral.

Single convictions totalling 6 points+ will require referral unless otherwise

specified below

• No more than one fault or outstanding incident/claim in the last three years

We currently have two different vans available for hire, you may have noticed that they have some funny but silly names.  We name our vans after different legends,  We have the Leonardo Dicamprio & the Gino D'Acampio.   Both our vans vary in size and shape and have different applications depending on the size of your family.  For the NC500 we would recommend the Gino (As its smaller and more compact for the tight roads on the NC500.  

However,  if you're a bigger family and are going to be staying say in Skye & like a bit of comfort and luxury then you definitely want to rent the Leonardo!

The camper vans themselves are not that difficult to drive,  you just have to be spatially aware of your surroundings. Take it easy going around corners and get someone watching the back when reversing (as you don't want to lose any deposits)

From a legal perspective you need a legitimate driver's, ID  (Utility Bill) and pay us a deposit.   You must be over the age of 21 and have been driving for a minimum of two years.

It's quite simple to book one of the vans above, click on the van and you will then see a book now button, click the link and it will take you to our booking calendar.  You will then be asked for some information (dates, durations etc) Our team will then confirm the booking.

Yes we cater for pets and animals.  At the time of booking there will be an additional add-on of a one of cleaning cost.  The reason we have to implement the cleaning cost is after your rental we need to conduct a deep clean on the furniture inside the van to remove any pet hairs (incase we have someone whos booking that has a pet allergy).  We have kept the cost to a minimum as we bring in a professional outside valet cleaning company in to conduct the work and we pass this cost on at cost.

We try to make your experience as enjoyable as possible but it's inevitable that you're always going to have a select few that try and spoil it for the others. As such we have introduced some rules to our trips.  We have tried to keep the rules really simple.  

Don't break the local laws (include drink driving)

Treat the places we visit with respect (Clean up after you, no dumping rubbish etc)

No lighting camp fires (unless it's explicitly permitted)

Look after the campervans (someone else has to use it after you and wants to enjoy it too)

Dont go offroad or down roads where it strictly says no campervans.

Go have fun, enjoy yourself, treat the vans with respect and let others enjoy themselves just like you did!

We want to make your stay as hassle free as possible.  As such we include the following in every van;

· sleeping facilities (No bedding is provided - We suggest sleeping bags or covers)
· Both our vans have a fridge inside (which can run on the gas when driving etc)
· a cooking facilities - We provide built in cookers.
· a shower & a bathroom ( We find most people dont use the showers and prefer sites)
· air conditioning: works only when driving and engine is on.
· heating: Some vans have a gas fire, some have electronically controlled.
· a kitchen kit
· a cleaning kit

We also include the following; Cereal bowls, plates, cups, forks, knives, and spoons, two pots with lids, one frying pan, one pot mat, one cutting board, one salad bowl, one large spoon, one pan cork base, one excellent knife, one corkscrew, and one coffee pot are included in the kitchen set.

2 small rubbish bags, 1 large rubbish bag, 1 multi-purpose cloth, 1 sponge, 1 multi-purpose dish towel, 1 tiny bottle of liquid detergent, 2 rolls of toilet paper, and 1 small broom and dustpan set are included in the cleaning kit.

You can collect your campervan between 14:30 to 18:30 on day of the booking.  You will collect from the Legend Campers HQ.  We give you all the instructions that you require or your booking & you sign the agreement.  We will scan all the documents required and conduct any licence checks still outstanding.

Our standard drop-off times are from 8:00 am to 11:00 am.  We would suggest the night before organise all your belongings in preparation for departing - it makes it easier in the morning.  You should make sure all your dishes are clean, the waste tank has been emptied, clear out the fridge, clean the campervan all around, clean the chemical toilet, fill the tank with fuel to the level it was at during collection.

For safety and security reasons, we  always recommend that you stay on sites as local laws may mean that you are not allowed to camp at the side of the road. 

There is also usually wash facilities, cleaning facilities and waste water drop off points at sites.

All of our vans are professionally deep cleaned in between hires,  we take your safety as our main priority.

You will be provided with a 24/7 support helpline (mobile number) that you could call should you need any help during your stay. You will also have access to the RAC & Breakdown cover should you need it on your trip.  All of our vans are protected by RAC breakdown cover as standard.

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